Monday, August 27, 2012

Matza Babka (Basic recipe)

You will need Matzos, 2 eggs, salt, pepper,
a pinch of baking soda/powder boiled hot water
Take out Matzos from the box, place in a deep bowl


Slowly add boiling hot water (be careful, don't burn)

Cover only enough

Add salt pepper and pepper to taste (be careful and don't over salt)

Add baking soda/powder (on the edge of the spoon/knife)

Add 2 eggs

Mix well

In a warmed up skillet (I prefer non stick, so it would flip and slide out easier),
spray with oil or  spread evenly with paper towel to coat entire inner surface.
Place entire content from the bowl, spread out and press slightly. Flame should be  between medium and high

Cover with the lid. Cook for about 10 minutes (the bottom will start to crisp up,
be careful not to burn it or under cook), monitor with the spatula by slightly elevating in between.
Adjust cooking time according to the strength of your flame.

Carefully slide it out on a large platter
Re-oil the pan and carefully flip back on the skillet, uncooked side down.
See how the top is nice and crispy looking? This is the consistency you are looking for. Cook the bottom side thee same way with covering the lid. When ready turn off the heat and slide ready Babka on the platter.
Let it cool down and slice in portion sizes.

Ready! Enjoy!
(P.S. This is a basic babka recipe, you may wish to add your desired ingredients to it,  your choice!
For ex. raisins, dried fruit or mushrooms if unsweetened

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